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Taken for Granted


I know I haven't written in quite a while. Things have just gotten really busy in my life. I always told myself that I will never get to busy to write. Some of it is busy and the other is just laziness. Nonetheless, I still think about things and my wife a lot.

My Wife really is a wonderful woman. She is always there when I need her. No matter what problems come my way, she is always the one who can make me feel better. I never want to take her for granted. I know I do and probably always will. I always assume that she will comfort me and make me feel better. She takes care of my needs, wants and desires. Is it wrong to take those things for granted?

I feel that taking the other person for granted in a relationship is sometime OK. To know that your spouse is going to take care of the kids or the house or the bills in not a bad thing. It is when you stop realizing what you take for granted. I almost lost the love of my life. All of the things I have taken for granted in my life came flashing before my eyes. Now I am sure that I still take many things for granted, I just try to make sure I tell her thank you. I tell her how much I appreciate everything she does. I still know that things mysteriously get done. The truth is that I solved the mystery. I have grown to recognize all that I have. All that she does for me and our family.

Life is full of give and take. I have spent a majority of my life trying to be the giver and not seeing how much I take. The truth is that I need to be giving my all to the one I love and it automatically comes back around 10 full. My wife is my hero. She is strong and intelligent in every way. No matter how much I unintentionally take her for granted, I will always remember to show her how much she means to me.


    A touching post and a healthy relationship. Good for you two.


    it's good that you've finally came into realization that you have taken your wife for granted.

    keep it up!


    I believe she gives everything to you because she loves you so much, she won't care if you taken for granted or not. Both of you are lucky couple, wish you both happy ever after.


    It is good to say thanks and appreciations. When you do that, you don't take the other for granted; you notice and you are aware of the things he/she did.


    if only we could all have this one day...


    how sweet my hubby needs to learn from you


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