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Do Some Commenters NOT Read the WHOLE Blog?


I appreciate all comments...truly I do. BUT if you do not know the whole story how can you truly offer advice? Someone just commented that this blog was just to publicly humiliate my husband. I beg to differ. We are anonymous. No one knows who we are. I have dealt with all of this alone. No one in my life, not my sister, mother, best friend NO one knows what I am going through but ME and my husband. I chose NOT to publicly humiliate him. I love him and though he messed up have no desire to have people label him. He was always a good man and I wish for everyone that is in our lives to continue to always see him for who he is. I know if I told anyone they would forever see his mistake. This is my outlet. These are MY feelings put down. He responds how he chooses to.

Some days it's very difficult for me to get past the hurt. We were not having problems before he traveled. I must repeatedly stress this. We were good. Maybe not perfect but what couple in this world is? There are two very confusing emotions I deal with on a daily basis. My love for him and my feeling of betrayal. He begged me on his knees to stay with him and I did. Because I love him...but it's not easy. This blog was a mutual thing for the two of us. We chose to use this as an outlet for our feelings. He writes what he feels. There is no wrong in that. I am very glad that he is sorry for what he did and when I read it, I feel his pain. So in answer to *anonymous* commenter YES. This blog has been very helpful. Next question?


    may God bless both of you always.
    take care ...


    Oh how I wish my wife would write something that wonderful about me, and I ain't never done nothin' wrong in my entire life!!!


    I think it's fascinating that you both enjoy expressing yourselves through writing. Most couples I know could not do what you're doing.

    In response to your title question, I don't know if they don't read the full post, or if they just perceive it from a different perspective. It looks like most of your reader "get it" so I wouldn't worry about those few comments that will leave you scratching your head in wonder.


    I have found that many commentors do not read the whole post. In fact, if they read a few lines of it, consider youself lucky. It is strange, but true (at least it seems that way on many of the comments I have read at many of the sites).

    Good luck to the both of you. (And as a side note -- nothing is really totally anonymous).


    Well most people don't have time to read your entire blog and sometimes when they read your post they don't have the history behind it. Please don't feel discouraged by anyone who comments on this blog - INCLUDING ME. We are all interested in what is going on and many of us have experienced the pain you are feeling at one time or another in our lives. Just know that you aren't alone. It doesn't matter how beautiful we are, how smart we are, how funny we are or how whatever we are - sometimes men do the wrong thing. Just know that we read this blog because we find it interesting. BTW - humiliating your husband is OUR job! We (as in those of us who actually comment) are a little rough on him, but we should be. Writing helps us gather our thoughts. Don't let anyone stop you from doing that if you need to.


    It's your blog. You are doing what is necessary for you to heal. When they don't even give your their name why bother with their comment(s). It's your blog. You go girl.

    Have a terrific day. :)


    To answer your question, I'm sure some people read very little before commenting. For example, I'm sure I got the point of this post just from reading the title and the first two sentences. Good luck to you both.


    how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?Just kidding (you asked for the next question, didn't you?).

    I find a lot of blog readers read the first sentence and maybe the last sentence of a post and formulate some type of response. I try to read all post thoroughly, and if I can't (for whatever reason, maybe it's too long or boring) I don't comment. I think a lot of blog readers jump to conclusions because of this.

    I've always thought of my blog as a good way to escape my problems as well, and I try not to judge people based on one post. A blog is there to express the good, the bad, and the ugly and not just to sugar coat everything.

    Glad to hear you and your husband are on good terms :)


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