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Isn't She Wonderful!


I think my title says it all. What an incredible woman my wife is. I can see from some of the comments that we have gotten, that some people out there reading this post have been hurt like this themselves. I want to tell them I am sorry. I am sorry they had to be hurt the way I have hurt my wife. I am sorry they had to be betrayed the way I betrayed my wife. I hope you were able to move on with whatever decision you made at that time in your relationship.

I do not consider myself better than anyone else. All I do know is that I messed up. I threw away my life and my wife's along with it. Please believe me when I say that the regret is huge and something that will never go away no matter how long I live. I will spend the rest of eternity trying to get my wife to forgive me. I do not feel that I deserve to be nor do I expect to be, but that will not stop me from trying. I was selfish and thought about only myself.

On behalf of anyone who has ever betrayed their spouse, I want to apologize to that spouse. We are a selfish, thoughtless, and uncaring person. I only hope that you got the apology that you deserved no matter what the outcome was.

I give all my love to my wife. She is so special and strong. She has moments of complete distrust and hatred towards me which I deserve 10 fold. Even when she is so mad at me that she can't even look at me, I still love her more than life. I want her to be mad at me. I am mad at myself. I only wish that she didn't hurt so much. Her thoughts are the enemy that can not be defeated. I will stand by her as strong as I can be. I will support her in any way I can. I will love her with all of my heart. To my wife...I am Sorry!


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    On May 6, 2009 at 2:59 AM Anonymous said...

    This whole blog seems to be about putting the husband in a stockade to be humiliated and publically chastised for his crime. To make him grovel publically. I agree, it was an awful thing to do, but is this really helpful?
    "He was an idiot" just doesn't cut it. Maybe he felt belittled or disrespected. Maybe he stopped feeling close to the wife because of the travelling. It doesn't excuse it (not at all!) but it does matter.
    You'll never GET past it until you LOOK past it.


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