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Long Time, So Difficult


I haven't posted anything in awhile and honestly my entrecard dropping slacked off a bit too. I've been just a little nervous lately about the responses I get on this blog. I am needing encouragement these days. I know what went wrong in my marriage. I know what happened and I know how horrible it was. I know my faults, I know my husband's faults. I am aware of it. We have addressed it over and over again. We have went round and round. I feel we are different than many couples are on this situation. We are on the SAME page now. He was an idiot. He lost his damn mind the moment he was alone for a significant period of time. Does it make me mad??? YES. Hell yes it does. Do I question life? Do I question my marriage? YES. I love this man more than anything. I have been through so much with him. I have been through children, miscarriage, illness. I have been with him almost half of my life. So yes, I have been through all the possibilities. I have questioned the future, the past. I have went through so much in my mind that I am sure there is no room left in my brain. There is only one thing I do know for sure in all of this...and that is I do know my husband loves me...and I also believe he will not mess up again. How can I be sure? Well none of us really can be for sure in reality can we? But I feel I am as close to sure as anyone can be. I know he doesn't want to do this again. We have stopped taking each other for granted and we are trying to move forward with our life. There are no more chances after this one, so we are both going to make sure we get it right.


    When I started writing my blog, I put a link to your blog from my side bar, because to me, this blog represents real love. I know this may come as a surprise to you given the background and the reason for the blog to even exist, but something about it just tells me you two truly love each other. What happens will hurt you both for a long time to come I'm sure, but I know you will work through it. Sometimes you just know.


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