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Blog Award!

I got a blog award recently from April at The Life of an Everyday BBW. I was awarded the Sisterhood Award. As the wife on the blog I'll accept it!

Please be sure to go over and check out her blog.

This award asks me to pass it on to ten other bloggers. I am not really sure if I know of ten blogs off the top of my head so I'd just like to give this award to all my faithful readers. Take it, post it...enjoy it! I love my commenters. I love those who read what I write and give such thoughtful advice. All the women out there who understand, who can give me advice one way or the other are very much like sisters so please accept this award from me! I would go through and find 10 other worthy blogs but I have a little one underfoot and honestly I don't think I could get it done, and I want to get this posted now. So thank you again for the wonderful award. It's so very much appreciated.


    Congratulations! You have a very nice blog.


    congrats for the award. by the way friend, i added you to my list. hope you could add me too?


    Thanks Jade! I have added you to my list Meryl.


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