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I don't want to lose all the blogs I have visited and enjoyed. I have seen this done out there and think it's a great idea. I want to get the links of all the blogs who are leaving entrecard, but just anyone else who might want to exchange links. I'll add you to the blogroll here. Leave your link and please add me to your blogroll as well!


    hi. how are you? can we exchange links?


    I added you to my blogroll--can't believe I hadn't done that already. will be leaving Entrecard after the 7th, but I will be adding my second blog to Entrecard. I hope to see you over there!



    hi, thanks for leaving a comment in my site..i will include you in my blogroll...


    I'm adding you right now. I would love to exchange....I have two blogs I hope that is not a problem.

    If it is please link the first one listed here.

    Thanks headed now to add yours! Then coming back to comment on your wife's outstanding post today!


    hey hey! please include me in your blogroll ^^ link me as Vicissitudes of Life! :D thanks a bunch ! will link you too :)


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