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The Dark Truth


Well, I know we kind of started this blog sounding all happy and perfect. If you read about why we started it, you might be kind of curious. I do not plan on going through a lot of details but I hope that someone out there will learn from what we write and not make the same mistakes.

My wife and I have been married a long time. I love her very much which is why this is very difficult for me to talk about. I was a "Traveling Husband", and yes before you can say anything that is scary. I was traveling for work and was not spending a lot of time at home. I took this position with my company in hopes to advance my career and improve my families lifestyle. WAKE UP CALL, traveling is never a good thing. I missed a lot of my families activities and my children's growing up. My traveling did not start off too bad. As the months progressed it got real bad. I ended up having an affair on my wife. I have been keeping it secret, living with the guilt and disgust for many years. My wife had always had suspicions, but I kept lying to her to make it go away. Recently someone decided to send my wife a message confirming the affair. I could not lie any more, so I told her everything! She was leaving me. I have never been the type of person to beg, but I was on my face instantly. Begging her to stay and talk with me. By the grace of God she did. We have been working threw this terrible thing and I wish with all of my heart that I could take it back. My wife is one of the strongest women I know, and she proves it more everyday.

Now for those of you out there who think she is a fool for staying with me, I don't blame you. If the roles were reversed I only hope that I could be as strong as her. As for anyone who is in my position, I feel your pain. For anyone out there who spends a lot of time away from there family, STOP! It is not worth it. My wife is my Soulmate and I almost through that away. It is rare in today's world to find that perfect match for you. I have found mine, and betrayed her at the same time. As I post on this blog I will tell some minor details and what kind of signs to look for. It is my prayer that I might be able to prevent just one person from making the same mistakes I have. Not just in this situation, but in my marriage and in life.


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