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The Day After Christmas

H~ Well, it is the day after Christmas, but the shopping is not over yet. My wifes Birthday is coming up and I decided to take her shopping. Now I do not believe in letting her pick out all of her own Birthday presents. Even though she might like to, I always make sure to surprise her with at least a few gifts to unwrap. She always hated having a Birthday so close to Christmas so I always make sure to seperate the two. The whole family went out to eat then shopping. When we left the restaurant we were in traffic and there was a jeep in front of us. The couple in the jeep started kissing. It reminded me of how we were years ago. So, I had to lean over and do the same. I bet other people around were wondering why everyone was kissing at the stop light! We then did some shopping and I took her to get a manicure. I think she had a good time. We are going out again to dinner and a movie later just the two of us, but this was some good family time. I have definitely realized that no matter how much time goes by, I am still completely in Love with my wife. I think that says something for as long as we have been together, especially in today's world of divorce. I can't wait for our Birthday date!


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