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Random Thoughts


For future reference, the reason we put H and W on the posts is simply so you know who is writing. This is me, the wife. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. New Year's Eve is upon us and my birthday is soon approaching as well. I am ready to be out with my husband and have a great time. We have been through much in the past few years. Our love has been put to the test and I believe we have prevailed. I know I love him more today than I did even the day I married him. I was given great advice by some elderly women at my bridal shower, 13 years ago. I was told to never go to bed mad. I think that applies to not just bed. Don't leave for work mad. Don't leave it that way. It's so dangerous. Honestly if I can give any advice it would be to sit down, admit your OWN wrongs, instead of focusing on the spouse's wrongs. Let your spouse say what he did wrong in an argument and you should state what you could have done better. It doesn't matter who is right, or wrong. It's about compromise. It's about meeting in the middle. You need to see that you can indeed be wrong. You have to know you are not the only person in a relationship. Love is not enough to hold a relationship together. I am sorry if some do not agree but it is true. Marriage does absolutely need love to stay together but it needs more than that. It takes strength, dedication and commitment to make it work. You have to be willing to compromise and to work things out even if you think you are totally in the right. This must be done from BOTH sides though. And, if you are the one who is wrong you need to be able to step up to the plate and admit it. Humble yourself. Show your spouse how much you love them. Open up and show your true feelings. A little goes a long way.


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