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Hello to all and sorry about the absence from the blog. Things have been busy but I am back here and ready to get to it. In the business world a lot of layoffs have been happening. It's really stinks but luckily we haven't had to worry about that. At least we hope we never have to. There is always that chance so we don't let ourselves take anything for granted. Unfortunately though it is my husband's job to lay others off. He has to do the dirty work. He does not like it but it's his job. He hates destroying someone's hopes. I see what a terrible day he has at work and then of course our issues on top of it causes a whole lot of stress. We both say it should be the best time in our relationship and it really would be if we didn't have this *thing* hanging over our heads. I have to be able to move past this and the thoughts and honestly much of the time I feel like I never will be able to. I honestly would love to hear from anyone who has come out of a relationship that succeeded after an affair. I need to hear from the person who did it...and the guilt and remorse maybe they felt or the reasons they did it. I need to know that this does not mean the end. It does not mean he didn't love me. It just means he was an idiot. That's what I must hope. I hear it....but I mean the only one I have to put my faith in is the one who destroyed my faith to begin with. It's hard...but I love him and believe he has changed. So instead of rushing off to divorce I work at having that relationship we were always supposed to have. It's very frustrating because I do not think of us this way. We were always better than this. Or so I thought. We have another counseling session tomorrow. I think hubby may post tonight too, so stay tuned.


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