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Poems For Husbands


I didn't write them...but the words affected me. For you my dear.


Maybe I didn’t tell you,

How much I really care.

Maybe I thought you knew,

Because of what we share.

The pounding of my heart,

When I get a glimpse of you.

I’ve felt it from the start,

I know you feel it too.

I see the sparkle in your eyes,

Each time you look at me.

Then I quickly realize,

It’s you that makes me happy.

Our Love

You hold my heart right in your hand.

Every thought I have you understand.

When I’m happy, so are you.

If I’m blue, you are too.

You’re my one, my only, you’re my everything.

I’ve known no one more loving.

I’m thankful that you chose to love me.

Together we’ve found our destiny.

Our bond together can never break,

Even if we make a mistake.

Our love offers each other forgiveness.

It’s filled with understanding and tenderness.

Your love guides and encourages me,

When the path’s not clear enough to see.

I reach for my dream and you reach higher.

I’ll never find support any greater.

I love you every minute of everyday.

My life will always be that way.

So hold me close don’t let me go.

You’re the only love I’ll ever know!

And my personal favorite. This one....well, I always told him he was my knight in shining armor. I didn't have the best childhood. It wasn't as bad as some but it was definitely up there...and my life got better when I found him.

Knight In Shining Armor

You are my knight in shining armor,

You’re the one I’ll adore forever.

You rode into my life and rescued me.

Now my dreams you’ve made me see.

Years have passed you’re still my hero.

My love is yours with each tomorrow.

It’s you I dream about at night,

And you that makes everything all right.

I know why God chose you for me.

He knew we could make it through eternity.

Your kiss today still brings a thrill,

And I know somehow that it always will.

You just have to look at me and then,

I fall in love with you all over again.

The riches we share aren’t silver or gold,

Just each other’s hands to hold.

I wouldn’t give up the love we’ve known

To be rich and be all-alone.

For money can never buy you love

I am done being mushy for the night. Well on my blog anyway! I got the poems from here:

There are some really good ones there. It's great if you are looking for the right words to say to your special someone.


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