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What a Movie!


The wife hit the nail on the head. Fireproof is an incredible movie. Yes it has a religious background to it. I need that in my life so I was really able to appreciate that essence of the movie. With that set aside, it is a great movie no matter what your religious preference. A lot of men would probably think that it is a chick flick. I think that any man would love this movie if they go into it with an open mind. If someone is dealing with an issue like we are, then this is the PERFECT movie. If someone is thinking of doing the terrible thing I have done, please watch this movie before you go through with it. I wish with all of my heart I had. I honestly believe that things might have been different.

This is the second movie made by this group. The first one was called "Facing the Giants". It is another incredible football movie. Once again it also has a religious background. It is an excellent movie with football, friendship and faith all rolled up into one. I highly recommend watching both of these movies. You will not be disappointed.

I feel that watching movies like this help me get through our current situation. I see me sitting there wishing I had done what the characters in the movie did instead of making the choices I did. Nonetheless, I need the true love in these movies. Mixed along with action, sports and laughter it makes a good guy movie. I wish I could be the husband to my wife that the man is in Facing the Giants. I love her so much. At least we have these movies to cuddle up to on the couch and enjoy. The best part of the night!


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