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This Time He is Right


I don't really mean that as bad as it sounds. He is right about a lot. I just mean specifically how he felt last night. I get so frustrated and very scared that if he doesn't want to do one thing with me it means he is getting tired of doing things with me altogether. I take it as a sign that it's the beginning of the end. I guess I am still pretty scared inside. I am not afraid we'll divorce or anything like that. I am more afraid of separating on a mental level then anything. We drifted apart and started kind of not being interested in things *together* at one point in our lives and I don't want that to happen again. I do understand though really. Guys don't generally like shopping the way women do. It's not about the shopping for me though. I just like being with him. I want him there. I hate being apart. That's not so bad is it? I know we can't always be together and I'll deal with it. For now though, I am not quite ready.


    I know that feeling, that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach because you want that mental togetherness. I do hope you both find a way of opening those doors again. Why not both trying out something new together?


    Sometimes, too much togetherness is suffocating for both of you.

    I know you are feeling fragile still, but the reality is that if you suffocate him you will only drive him away.

    The key is to find a way to do things together that are enjoyable for both of you, and to do things alone that will allow you to maintain yourself as an individual.

    I've been reading your journals over the past few days trying to catch up with the entire story. Thank you for sharing...


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