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Nice Start to the Weekend


Things seem much better lately. Well things have been honestly great between the hubby and I. That hasn't really been the issue. I love him and I know without a doubt in my mind that he loves me. He is just not the typical guy you expect something like this from. He is not the guy that says "oh baby baby I'm get over it." No...that is not him at all. Regardless of what things have happened between us I know this man. I think sometimes better than he knows himself. You ask yourself, then how did this happen without you knowing? Well I always knew. They honestly are not lying when they say if you feel strongly like something is going on, it probably is. I lived in strong denial but I still knew.

That said I do believe it is possible to move on and be stronger after your marriage takes a blow like this. I think we are closer and even more in love than ever. Many things have transpired between us since he got off the road. Our relationship has grown and we are much more attentive to each other than ever. I think we became content. He may have been lonely or feeling older and unattractive, or whatever but I guarantee I felt those same things. I just didn't look at finding another man as an answer to those problems. I looked to him for the assurance I need. I have changed too. I am more confident, strong and sure of myself than ever. I have become a very strong woman in the past few years. Many things have forced me to be but I know I am capable of doing whatever I need to do in my life to survive. I can and I do. I really feel like the power is mine now. I don't look to anyone else to make my life what I want it to be. It's up to me and only me.

I firmly believe my husband and I will be together forever. I know I'll never leave him unless he messed up again and I can say with zero doubt that I know he will not. The pain this has caused is so NOT worth it. Any man or woman out there who may be unhappy in their marriage who is considering something like this or if you see yourself kind of going in that direction....STOP. It's not worth it. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you want your marriage to eventually fail? If you do this, it takes that power away from you because chances are if you proceed it will fail. What if your marriage starts to get better? Then you have this secret, this terrible lie in your past. I have to say as well there is a good chance you'll get caught. It seems the *other woman* or the *other man* like to tell. Eventually they can't take it anymore and tell someone or even the one cheated on and it gets back to them. Adultery feels like death. I can say as the person it happened to it felt like someone died. I mourned and grieved as though someone did. It felt no different. Do not stoop so low. If you want out of your marriage DO IT FIRST. Do not cheat. It hurts worse. If even one person is thinking about this, and reads this and changes their mind....then I have done what I sought out to do. I'd like to save even one person this pain. And if you are the one who decided not to do it, I'd like to give you a big hug! It's hard to avoid temptation. I know it. I realize it. Especially when you aren't getting out of your current relationship what you want. Do not be a stereotype because in the end that's all you'll be. Another cheater. That's it. Another statistic. Don't do it.

Now that my sermon has ended, (HA!) I am going to go drop some Entrecards and enjoy this weekend with my husband.


    well all the books end with amrriage, it is wonderful to see how marriage develops further...HappyB logging


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