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Getting Warmer


I can't wait for Spring. Everyday that goes by is one day closer to warm weather. My wife and I have been talking a lot about things we want to do when the weather gets nice. Nothing extravagant, just things that we find fun. We plan on taking the family to the zoo, riding our bicycles and swimming. Maybe even some camping and fishing. We also love to take off on our motorcycle and spend the day riding. It is really a release for me and I know my wife loves it too. I actually thought about selling the bike this year, and the wife said no way. I always knew she loved to ride with me, but I never really new how much. That is one big thing that is just us. Just me, her, the bike and the open road. We love pulling off to some remote place to just take a rest. Maybe find some small family restaurant somewhere to grab a snack or a drink. It really is a wonderful time and I am really looking forward to it.

We have been doing really well lately. I know she still constantly thinks about it, but I think she is able to focus on other things. We still talk about it and are still going to counseling. Counseling is still the hardest for me. To look someone in the face and admit what I have done is tough. Listening to my wife talk about it is even harder. I hate knowing that I have hurt her more than anyone else in this world could ever hurt her. I love her so much and wish that all of this was just a bad dream. Oh well, I need to stand up and face my faults. I still can't wait for spring. To have my girl on my arm or my bike are the best moments of my life.


    I admire you for going through counselling when most men do not think that as an option especially talking about and admitting what they have done in front of their partner.


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