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Last Night Was Wonderful

Yes, and that is totally what I mean. It was over a month before my husband and I were able to make love again after I found out. I had obviously done it a whole lot of times after it had happened. Even right after it happened because I did not know. It was one thing I felt very betrayed by. I have a choice as to whether or not I want to touch him after something like this. I should have been allowed that choice. He says he felt the guilt and remorse immediately and was very ashamed. He had to block it out to be with me and honestly I do understand that because it is what I must do now. I try to just think about us and the moment and not other things. It's not always easy to do, but one thing I will not allow is her into my bedroom. My time with my husband is special and wonderful and needs to stay that way for us to get better. Milestones were made last night and though I can't help but compare myself I don't have much doubt about my ability. I do try to please and know I am good at what I do. Conceited? haha No...just confident and I think you need to be. It helps me not to feel like I am not good enough. I can't allow myself to feel that way. Sex is very important in a healthy marriage. Otherwise you just become roommates, right? Well I do not need a roommate. I have never had complaints about my sex life. I am very satisfied and I feel so close and in love with my husband during those times. I wonder what tonight might bring?


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