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Arm Candy


My wife and I recently went to a Holiday Party for my work. These parties are always pretty formal, so it is a chance for the Wife and I to dress up. My Wife wore a beautiful evening gown that she looked absolutely stunning in. She has always known how to do it up right. This party is pretty large but I swear there wasn't a guy there that didn't notice her. Even the women went out of their way to tell her how beautiful she looked.

My wife and I have always joked around about things like this. I have always told her that I like going to places like this so that I can show off my arm candy. This party was no exception. We had a pretty good time. We had a few drinks, dinner and then some entertainment. It was a very nice evening.

I have always found my wife to be incredibly beautiful. I can't believe I almost threw it all away over someone who isn't even a tenth what she is. My Wife will ask me questions as to how could I want someone else. Wasn't she enough for me. The truth is that she has always been enough for me. I was weak and selfish and completely out of my mind. I do not know why I was able to do the things I have done. I think about them now and they disgust me. I am sorry that I am putting my wife through this pain and these kinds of thoughts. I can not believe that I almost lost my "Arm Candy".


    Hi thanks for the visit and the comments..Sorry for my late reply.. Yes I had skin problem in times of cold weather, now it's quite ok that I used petroleum jelly and more often lotion... In my face no but more in my arms and legs.


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