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Yeah. I said cheeseburgers. We're eating them for supper tonight. I love them and well, they are smelling up my kitchen. Things seem really for the most part normal until my husband and I are alone talking. Sometimes the way we look at each other. There are so many reminders out there on the Internet. Shoot I guess this site has become one of them. We want to put this out there though to show there is hope. I guess I am hoping beyond hope our marriage will be better and stronger forever. Not because of this but because we were made aware of the things we needed to improve. If it weren't for things that made me know beyond a shadow of a doubt how much he loves me and how shamed and remorseful he is, maybe I couldn't be here today. We always seemed so on the same page about divorce too. I felt people just rush into it too quickly. Believe me the thought has crossed my mind. It's just not what makes me happy. I want it to work. I believe this was a huge error in judgement. Temporary stupidity. Does it leave me less hurt? Betrayed? No. I feel these things 24 hours a day. I don't want to sound like I am making excuses either. There are none. There is not one good excuse to do this. I however do believe in trying. So I am trying.

Now, I am going to go have a delicious cheeseburger with my family. Then, I am picking out a movie and snuggling up on the couch with my husband. :)


    I wish both of you maximum success. And btw I love cheeseburgers. For the most part around the house the wife and I have been using ground turkey. Love it but I still like the fast food joints also.


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