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Cuddle Time


Everything is so serious on this blog but I need to point out things are not always like this. Really for the most part our relationship feels stronger than it ever has been. I go through a wide range of emotions from deep hurt, to anger, to fear. In the end though we are cuddling, hugging, kissing and just appreciating each other more than ever. I finally feel like I am an equal in this relationship if not more so. I love my husband and I have no doubt he loves me too. You would think in this situation I would doubt it. I may have at that time but not now. Right now, we are going to do our nightly ritual which is to cuddle up on the couch very close and watch a romantic movie. It's my favorite time of day!!!


    Aw, what a nice way to end the day together. We used to do that more before we were married, now not so much. I guess because we have two TVs and a computer now. If he's watching the Bruins or Celtics, I'll either be on the ocmputer or watching a movie on our other TV. I always enjoy cuddling now and then though. Gerard is my strong "Super Duper Honey Bear."


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