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Getting Time Together


Sometimes it is difficult to find that special quality time together. We do have our own things to do but I think it is very important to set aside time for your spouse. You may not feel like it's a big deal if you are on the computer and he is watching his favorite TV show as long as you are both at home but it is a big deal and you are setting yourself up for disaster. You cannot just coexist with your spouse or partner. You really do have to make time for each other. You need to keep the romance alive. Remember why you love this person in the first place and do not let "life" get in the way. The past couple of nights I didn't get too much time with the hubby. It's not really any one's fault. He was very tired after work last night and fell asleep on the couch. I just let him because I know he's had a hard day but then when I go to sleep I feel totally ripped off. I need close time with my husband. Honestly it helps keep bad thoughts away too. Sometimes it is the only thing that helps. Make time for each other. Never forget why and how you fell in love. Too often people forget that and it IS important. If you can remember what was the attraction to begin with you may not be so willing to just throw it all away.


    hehe your blog fan is here again ^^ i agree with you, but sometimes it's hard when you have stuff to do...but it'll help if couples find stuff they both like to do :D like maybe a show both of you like, save that show to watch together! haha just my 2 cents :]


    It is very hard to find time together especially when you have kids. =)

    Relationship is like a garden and it requires maintenance that require time and effort in order for it to blossom.


    Hmmmm.....I see a change in your posts W. It seems as if you are trying to focus on the good things about your husband. You seem to be trying hard to remind yourself of those things. My hat is off to you. You really seem to be putting in the effort to turn your thoughts about the situation around. I personally could not do it. The minute he went to the store and took a little too long I'd be ready to end things when he got back......or ready to hit him over the head with a pan - depends on which mood I was in that day :-).


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