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Watching Him Sleep


The hubby has been working hard lately. He has had so much going on at work, especially now with all the economic troubles there are. It's really hit him hard and he is so tired and stressed out. I hate that the stress we are going through is only adding to it. He got home tonight and we ate. He then sat on the couch with his laptop. I sat on the couch opposite him. I looked over and there he was, dozing off at his laptop. It's just simple times like this when you see the person you love just sitting there unaware that you are watching them that the love inside of you swells. I do love him so much. I see him tired after a long day of work and I am proud of him for all he has done. I do believe that one wrong deed should not erase a lifetime of good deeds. It feels as though this one thing has done just that. He has always been a good man and this situation has taught him a lesson I think. Now all the little ways he may have ever fallen short he has now made up for. He has seen his faults and helped me to see mine. I really see us getting so much better.

And to think I get all this from watching him sleep.


    hey, can i say that i really love ur posts so much? ^^ i can so totally relate to them :D i love watching my bf sleep too, and i can just stare at him all day while he reads the newspaper xD i've always stood firm on the principle of 'once a cheater, always a cheater', might me changing my mind a little bit (:


    It is the smallest, simplest things that can have the most impact if we take the time to stop and appreciate them. I'm glad you're looking at the man you love through lenses of love.



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