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Our First Blog Award

I hadn't had a chance to post this yet, but was so incredibly happy when I got it. This is such an honor honestly to get this. My husband and I are writing from our heart here, so when it gets noticed, it means a lot. The award comes from Soulful Scribbles. This is the Heart and Soul Award created for extraordinary bloggers who have bared their hearts and souls to give inspiration to others. This means SO much to us. I want to thank Soulful Scribbles for considering our blog for this.

I am supposed to pass this one on to three other blogs, but at this particular time I haven't been around long enough to pick out three blogs that are inspiring to me. So if you do know of another blog that is inspiring to you, please feel free to pass it on. Here are the rules:

If you receive this award, please spread the love!

- Create a post about it, and make sure to include the logo.
- Nominate three blogs that have touched or inspired you, and made an impact in your life.
- Add a link to your nominees’ blogs in your post and inform them about the award.
- Go to and leave the URLs of the 3 blogs you have nominated.


    Wow! congrats! :D So happy for you guys ^^


    Congrats on the award! Very well-deserving!!!



    You really do deserve this award. Thanks for sharing your life story with us!


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